The Center @ Jenks Rest Transportation Program provides qualifying seniors with a volunteer driving program which empowers them to take charge of their transportation needs.   

How it works:

Senior riders (60 or older) apply to become a participant ($5 one time fee)

After approval, riders recruit their friends and neighbors to volunteer to be drivers

They schedule rides that are mutually convenient

Mileage logs are kept and turned into The Center monthly

The Center @ Jenks Rest mails mileage checks to riders who reimburse their drivers with those funds

These rides can be to any destination and at any time which provides independence and supports the seniors' abiltity to choose how their day will unfold.

Key Benefits

  • Increase mobility of older adults without personal vehicles
  • Increase access of older adults to medical care
  • Increase access of older adults to community services and support systems
  • Increase access to nutritious meals and social interaction

Do I qualify?

  • For seniors age 60 or older
  • Live within Tippecanoe County


  • We charge no fees except the initial $5 application fee

How Do I Sign Up?

  • Call 447-2311
  • The initial application will be done over the phone

How is The Center @ Jenks Rest Transportation Program funded?

  • United Way
  • West Lafayette Community Development
  • Contributions
  • Special Events

For more information call 447-2311.