Photo by kzenon/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by kzenon/iStock / Getty Images

Home Repairs

Are you a resident of the city of Lafayette or West Lafayette, or of the county of Tippecanoe in Indiana?  If you are we provide seniors 62 years and older with household repairs (ask about the income guidelines to apply).  

We also can replace roofs using the Neighborhood Impact Funds.  

Please contact us at (765) 447-2311 to fill out all necessary paperwork.

Photo by SilviaJansen/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by SilviaJansen/iStock / Getty Images

Transportation Assistance

Are you needing a ride to enjoy the fun and the sun or just to get out?  Do you need to ask your neighbor to drive you to your medical appointment?  We provide seniors age 60 and older with a volunteer driving assistance program which empowers senior riders to take charge of their transportation needs.  It is an assistance program that helps seniors receive the rides they need by using volunteer drivers they know.  

Please call us at (765) 447-2311 to fill out an over the phone application.

Social Events and Activities

Activities start at all different times but doors open at 8:30am and close at 3:00pm Monday thru Friday for any senior 55 and older.  We provide opportunities for folks to gather, meet, socialize and have fun.  

If you have any ideas for an an activity or you don't see one you like please talk with a staff person - and we will try to add it to the program. we have to offer here at the center.

Meals On Wheels

Meals on Wheels of Greater Lafayette is a community based senior nutrition program dedicated to addressing food insecurity and isolation among seniors and other home-bound persons.  Utilizing volunteers, this program offers friendly visits and safety checks as nutritious meals are delivered to the client's home.